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Tender Rock Counseling Offers Career Opportunities

Tender Rock Counseling Offers Career Opportunities

- Also an immediate position for a licensed psychologist or Psy.D. with specialties of AD/HD and Learning Disorders

Career Opportunities -  Mental Health Counselor Jobs, Employment in WA
Career Opportunities- Mental Health Counseling Career Opportunities. Tender Rock counseling provide Family counseling, Marriage counseling, Couples Counseling , Grief Counseling, Parenting Counseling, Christian Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Adoption Counseling, PTSD Counseling, Attachment Counseling, Autism Counseling and Traumas Counseling in Bellevue (Factoria), WA 98006Are you tired of being underpaid by insurance companies for your counseling service? Are you stuck working with a back-to-back caseload, which might hinder your counseling effectiveness? Are you sensing your development/growth at personal (including financial) and/or professional levels is at a plateau? Have your applications been denied by the insurance companies because their “panels are closed”? If you answer “yes” to at least one of these situations as stated above, we have a career opportunity for your consideration.
We are here to offer you a life career, which requires your vision of the future and your desire to grow as the organization grows. We provide a top fee-split compensation program and a unique supporting PLATFORM to help you achieve balance, growth and freedom in your practice.

Who We Are?

TRC is a Christ-centered, specialty-oriented, multi-disciplinary team-based, and outcome-based counseling center based in Bellevue, Washington. TRC is in the process of expanding to a size of 15-providers’ counseling center. TRC makes constant efforts to integrate its counseling practices with research and training in order to provide clients with effective counseling services. TRC provides services to people of all religions, ethnicities, genders, ages, and cultural backgrounds. TRC is also a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.

Career Positions Available

1. Mental Health Practitioners:

Tender Rock Counseling is seeking several full-time and part-time licensed therapists with Ph.D. /Psy.D. or Master’s Degree; preferably possessing at least one specialty, such as ADHD, eating disorders, self harming, trauma, anxiety-depression, loss and grief, life transition, adventured-based counseling, couple counseling, personality issues, children developmental issues, adolescents’ issues, parenting coaching and multi-cultural counseling, pastoral counseling, neurofeedback training and psychological testing, etc. We also have an immediate opening for a licensed psychologist or Psy.D. who can conduct psychological tests for diagnosing AD/HD and Learning Disorder.

2. Medical Health Practitioners:

Including Psychiatrists, ARNPs, dietitians and acupuncturists who like to work in a multidisciplinary team-based environment and like to collaborate among team participants.

What Do We Offer?


TRC offers a supporting PLATFORM in terms of utilizing available resources and supports for your growth at personal, financial and spiritual levels.  This PLATFORM is unlike any that we are aware of for clinicians to build successful practices in their areas of interest.  Through this PLATFORM, TRC commits to help you to enjoy the supports that go beyond your imagination while maintaining your autonomy.  We will be glad to share more details with you about the PLATFORM in our interview.  We have a very attractive commission program. If you are in private practice, we will also be happy to assist you to handle the existing lease and moving if needed.

2. Compensation:

TRC guarantees a better income than that of your current position (regardless whether you are currently an employee, a member of a group practice or have your own practice) starting the first year. The compensation is negotiable.

Contact Information

Join our specialty-oriented, team-based and outcome-based group practice and enjoy opportunities that include research, teaching, training and supervision, we look forward to hearing from you.
If you are interested in applying for our mental health and other career positions, please submit the questionnaire from HERE


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